Dear Crissy

My toddler doesn’t love me?

my beautiful child

I started a new gig today — I am now blogging at’s Toddler Times! I’m still on the pregnancy channel until I have the baby, and then I’ll be moving to their Baby’s First Year blog. Whew, lots of blogging, but I feel really excited about it! Please check out my first post on Toddler Times: My Toddler Doesn’t Love Me.

My son is very expressive — verbally — and has been more than generous with the phrase, “I love you.” Of course, hearing those three little words coming from the adorable lips of my son brings me immediate joy, every time I hear it, without fail.

A few weeks ago, however, after telling my son that I love him, something entirely different happened. My sweet little boy paused before responding, looked deep into my eyes, and said, “I don’t love you, Mom.”

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