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Wordless Wednesday: Water dog

dog licking photo

Our dog Sasha (aka Bean, Schroeder, Shrewd, Biz — don’t ask, we are weird) quenching her thirst.

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    32 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Water dog”

  1. My 17 year old daughter has a bunch of people wanting her to take their senior pictures. She is a really good photographer but doesn’t even have a camera! She keeps borrowing mine. This looks like a great camera for her – would love to win it!

  2. This photo made me smile, my dog used to do the same thing. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Incredibly cute dog tongue picture :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Greatest picture ever! LOL

  5. Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday! Your pic is so cute/funny:) At first glance, I thought, what kind of bird is that?!

  6. LOVE this picture of your dog!!

  7. This picture reminds me that the ‘dog days of summer’ are right around the corner! :)

  8. WOW….your photos always leave me speechless! Lovely puppy tongue, by the way!

  9. Love it! So cute!

  10. This is such a great photo! Totally reminds me of summer time.

  11. I think this picture of Sasha is priceless!

  12. Wow, this is such an awesome photo!

    Happy WW!


  13. That’s a great photo! My doggie loves to swim in the water. I’m sure he’ll be in the first change he gets this summer.

  14. LOL We have a zillion names for each of our pets, and rarely call them their REAL name. ;)

    Great photo!

  15. Now it feels like I should be running through the sprinkler. :)

  16. I love it! Even though you can’t see her face, she looks happy!

  17. what a great picture! dogs and running water just naturally go together, don’t they?

  18. Love the picture! :D

  19. Thanks for the linky! Great shot of your doggy :)

  20. Love it! Great shot! and so full of color!

  21. What a great action shot! Love the detail!

  22. Thanks for the Linky! Love the photo of your dog!

  23. Great shot, Crissy! Love the tones. And your dog? So precious.

    You have the cutest nicknames for everyone, including the dog. Do you have any fun nicknames?

  24. Awesome shot!

  25. Love LOVE the picture! Is that a black lab?

    • She definitely has a lot of black lab in her, but we’re not sure what else. She’s a black lab-ish mutt lol.

  26. I absolutely love that photo!!!!

  27. LOVE the image of your dog! Unlike your dog ours bites at water sprays. LOVE them anyway.

    Thanks for allowing me to link up here. Nice idea.

  28. Thanks for allowing me to post my link.

  29. Oh, what a beautiful picture!!

  30. What a great shot! It “says” summertime to me! Thanks for the linky!

  31. What a great picture! Thank you for sharing.

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