Dear Crissy

When Kara smiles

She really smiles.

I mean… she really, REALLY smiles.


Tell me that didn’t make YOU smile, just a little.

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  1. How cute!! She really does smile! I love her eye lashes

  2. Yes she made me smile. There is nothing as cute as when a baby smiles. It is pure joy.

  3. She is so absolutely adorable & that smile is completely contagious! :-D

  4. Now that’s what I call a SMILE!

  5. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a more innocent, precious smile! She is so photogenic and should absolutely be on the cover of some magazine. I bet you have the most fun with her. :-)

  6. she is so adorable!!! LOVELY :)

  7. That totally did, she is so cute!!

  8. wow she has grown so much! Thank you for sharing, your baby girl’s smile is so precious. Looking forward to seeing her grow through your post.

  9. You baby already knows how to smize! Tara Banks would be proud! She is adorable.

  10. She is cute as a button- I see you post pics on facebook and she is always smiling- and yes, I smile back. She is gorgeous!

  11. Great captures! What a sweetie pie!

  12. Goodness, you weren’t kidding when you said she really cheeses it up for the camera! Hehe ^.^

    Her smile is definitely contagious though :)

  13. DEFINITELY made me smile! Too cute!

  14. Brightened up my day! Now I just need to remind myself to notice this smile more in my 8 month old, he REALLY smiles too :))))

  15. She is soooo adorable! Thanks for the smiles this morning!

  16. So adorable. When she smiles, her eyes smile, too!

  17. Adorable! And yes, that cute little girl definitely made me smile…just what I needed on a Monday morning. :-)

  18. Too cute! Those pics made me REALLY smile!

  19. Absolutely adorable. What a sweet smile.

  20. How sweet! Nice way to start the day. Thanks for the miles of smiles! =)

  21. Of course I smiled too!

  22. What a beautiful smile she has!

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