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Winter Wellness Essentials

I’d like to thank MegaFood for sponsoring this post.

Winter Wellness Essentials - MegaFood Gummies

We’re all accustomed to winter-proofing our vehicles and our homes, but, have you ever considered that you may need to switch-up your wellness routine as well?

It only makes sense that our bodies may have different needs as temperatures drop and sunshine becomes less abundant.

Being intentional about pivoting my wellness regimen during the winter is a goal this year. I’m making a few small changes that I know will make a big impact on the way I feel this season.


As a mother of two school-age children, I do everything I can to help support my immune system. When Mom feels run down, everything sort of falls apart in our home, so focusing on my own self-care is vital.

This is especially important during the holiday season. All of the hustle and bustle can be incredibly stressful and takes a toll on my mind, body, and soul.

I love taking MegaFood Elderberry Immune Support* gummy vitamins for this reason!

Winter Wellness Essentials - MegaFood Gummies

Made with organic elderberry and zinc, these condition-specific gummies give my immune system a boost all while tasting great.*

They also contain farm-fresh organic blueberry and organic ginger, which are great sources of phytonutrients.* Plus, these gummies are non-GMO and gluten-free.

I was actually starting to research how to make my own homemade elderberry gummies when I found out that MegaFood just launched this product. It’s a win for this busy mom!

Along with taking my daily elderberry gummy, I also try to focus on eating balanced, healthy meals. I find that I really do feel better when I’m eating clean.

Winter Wellness Essentials - MegaFood Gummies


As I mentioned, it only makes sense to assume our bodies react and function differently during the winter.

For me, I find that i need a little extra joint support when cold weather sets in. I find that incorporating turmeric into my daily routine can really help with this, but, sometimes it can be hard to incorporate the ancient spice into my diet.

MegaFood’s delicious Turmeric Inflammation Response* gummy vitamin  is a fabulous way to get that daily dose of turmeric to help support a healthy inflammatory response.* Your body will truly thank you for it!

Winter Wellness Essentials - MegaFood Gummies

Another step I take to support my joints that also simply helps warm me up in the winter is bone broth.

Winter Wellness Essentials

If you haven’t tried sipping bone broth, you’re missing out. Bone broth is loaded with collagen that can help with joint health,* and I also find that it does wonders for my skin.*

Doctor-up your bone broth with some salt, pepper, fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice.


When life gets hectic, especially around the holidays, it can be so easy to forget what we already know, which is to get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water

I set reminders on my phone to hydrate every day, and I also try to keep a regular bedtime schedule.

One way I help support healthy sleep patterns is by taking the new MegaFood Melatonin Berry Good Sleep™* Gummies.

Winter Wellness Essentials - MegaFood Gummies

The last thing I want to do before bed is to have to swallow a pill, so when I found these wonderful gummies I was overjoyed. They taste amazing and really help me relax and fall asleep at night.*

I can’t reiterate enough how important a regular sleep routine is.

Make sure you know your body and how much sleep you need to feel your best. For me, I require 8 hours to feel energized each day and I love that my melatonin gummies help me achieve that.

Following these simple winter wellness tips will help you feel your best throughout the holiday season and beyond!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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