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Wordless Wednesday — Daddy & fitz

cutest baby ever

Just a random snap of my husband trying to calm Kara, a.k.a Fitz (for all the fits she throws). Yes, she’s mine, but how beautiful is she?

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    20 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday — Daddy & fitz”

  1. She is beautiful! Her eyes are so captivating.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful…nice looking family you have…thanks for sending me the email so I can follow you..hope you will check out my blog too…

  3. Adorable. Great picture. I just love Worldess Wednesday. Sounds exactly like my son the first 3 months of his life. He is now 6 months old and has out grown the crying fits and all the spit up.

  4. What a sweetheart she is!!

  5. She’s gorgeous!

  6. She is beautiful just like her momma:)

  7. And I bet I know who she’s looking at… Mama!!! She’s adorable. Happy WW

  8. She is such a cutie! That is a great photo!

  9. Congrats! She’s a doll!

  10. She is so stinkin’ sweet! Love the nickname, by the way. She has so many cute nicknames. lol

  11. They are so precious at that age aren’t they? She’s beautiful Crissy!

  12. She’s adorable! I love baby *pictures* because it’s all-adorable, no-sound.

    My baby has been screeching all evening. : (

  13. That is the sweetest picture! I miss that newborn gooeyness to cuddle with. :)

  14. Priceless, and YES she is beautiful!!!!!

  15. She is simply adorable! Thanks so much for sharing pictures of her.

  16. how precious and sweet. a picture of beauty, innocence and purity.

  17. Awww, such a pretty face!

  18. She is gorgeous. Congrats momma and daddy. Look at all that hair and those bright eyes. Beautiful simply beautiful.

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