Dear Crissy

Wordless Wednesday: Finding time to shoot

Through the viewfinder

I miss taking photos for the sake of taking photos, and having time to edit them for hours — just for fun.

I hope to get back into this more this summer. Speaking of editing, I’m giving away a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4!

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    9 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Finding time to shoot”

  1. This picture has a very 60’s feel to it. The aged look of the picture, and the flowers make me think some “flower child” is going to come and pick them for a nice daisy crown for her hair. It’s a lovely shot.

  2. I would love to have the know how to edit photos as amazing as yours! I’m a beginner photo editor. Well, started because I blog, sometimes I wish I could take a class to make the process go a lot faster, if I knew what I was actually doing. lol. But I’m slowly learning. :)

  3. Great shot. I love flower pictures!

  4. This is a stunning shot – simplistic beauty at its best.

  5. Beautiful!! I love the special effect of the photo as well :)

  6. Very beautiful effects added. I love how it looks old.

  7. Such a great capture, Crissy. I miss shooting without a purpose during our photo challenge seasons. I get so caught up in seeking out opportunities that fit in with our prompts and themes, that it becomes more like work and less like fun.

  8. I am so ready to get into our new house so I can get moving on my flowers. This is really making me ancy!

  9. Gorgeous shot!

    I also wish I had time to take pics and edit away…

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