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Wordless Wednesday: Good boy

Today, we took Evan to see an ENT doctor. He’s been having major allergy issues, and doing some snoring at night. The doctor confirmed that his tonsils are pretty huge, but when we told him that Evan has been doing better for the past few weeks since starting Flonase, he didn’t think surgery was necessary at this point.

I’m really glad he won’t need to go through that for a while, even though I know it may be inevitable later.

While we were waiting for the doctor to come into the room, both of the kids were getting a little anxious. We were trying to entertain Kara while Evan was squirming in one of the chairs, and before we could react, he went head first off the chair and smacked onto the laminate floor.

He was fine, just a little red bump, but this happened about 2 minutes before the doctor came in the room. The doctor actually helped calm him down, and had the nurse bring him a little plastic cup of water that made everything much better.

He was really such a good boy today (and every day), and I was reminded about 3 million times just how sweet this little guy is. I wish I could keep him at this age forever.

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    17 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Good boy”

  1. I feel bad for your little guy! I used to get this all the time!! but they stopped wanting to take your choiilds tonsils out when I was younger, now i bellieve its back to yanking them! I wish that wouldve happened , instead I used to get it so often and so bad, that *disclaimer gross part coming* the pus pockets wopuld form on my tonsils, and finally ate all of my tonsils away, I dont have any anymore, i wish I could take a picture, all my doctors are amazed by this! I guess God figured if they werent going to get me out of pain he would1!1 lol

  2. It’s crazy how “big” he looks!!

  3. I’m glad he doesn’t have to have surgery. No fun!

  4. Poor little guy. He is such a little sweetie. I wish I could have kept my kids young, too. I have one that is going off to NASA to intern this summer. How time flies.

  5. Poor kiddo. I hope everything works out with you guys. Sick kiddos suck. We went through the whole ear tubes thing a few years ago with re-current ear infections.

  6. I’m so glad he doesn’t have to have surgery! I hate when my kids need major medical assistances

  7. I just found your website. Alot of great information here. I linked up to your wordless wednesday…but can’t find your button?
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  8. Oh- my heart aches to hear that he’s having issues. Hope they are able to help him. As for keeping them little- I so wish I could slow down time, it really does go too quickly.

  9. Such a sweet little face!

  10. Awe, he’s adorable! My 19 month old son just had tubes put in his ears. It was an easy procedure, although I was an absolute mess during the whole thing! But what a difference for him – eating better, sleeping better. Just a happier little guy!

  11. Look at that sweet face!

  12. I’m glad the Flonase is helping. My 3 year old is on Flonase occasionally too. It does help a lot. Poor guy falling down like that. My daughter did that once – she cracked her head right in the doctor’s office. They seem to have a knack for that sometimes, lol.

  13. Oh my gosh what a day little Evan had. Good for him for being brave and brushing it off with a bit of help ;)

  14. Crissy, when I read snoring and tonsils, my heart sank for you. I’ve been there. I hope Evan will outgrow those problems, but if he doesn’t, I’ve written several posts about L’s sleep apnea and waiting and waiting for it to get better and trying everything else until we couldn’t wait any longer because he would stop breathing during the night so many times. I had many sleepless nights next to him to nudge him to breathe.

    Here are the posts I wrote because I couldn’t find any good posts about caring for your child before and after a tonsillectomy:

    Hope you’ll never need this info :) This WW picture of him is adorable. Evan seems like such a sweet little boy.

  15. Whoops, totally didn’t read Kristi’s post ahead of mine until after I posted…looks like all of us moms are on the same page.

  16. Your last sentence ‘I wish I could keep him at this age forever’ is how I’ve been feeling about our little girl! She’s our first, turns 4 months old on Thursday and time is just flying by. I have this sneaking suspicion that I’m going to blink and she’s going to be grown up. Things need to slow down.

    Glad it looks like Evan won’t need surgery in the near future. :)

  17. He’s such a cutie, Crissy. I wish I could keep my kiddos at that age forever too… Unfortunately, my oldest daughter is celebrating her 15th birthday today. Don’t ask me how that happened. I think I may have blinked. lol

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