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Wordless Wednesday: A pretty mess

bokeh photo

Sometimes we don’t have to shoot a beautiful flower to create a beautiful photo.

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    19 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: A pretty mess”

  1. Lovely photo! Great viewpoint and lighting.

  2. Wow. Just wow. That is absolutely stunning. And, I hate spiders!! ;)

  3. So true! I thought that was a cocoon, but it’s a leaf…

    Thanks for stopping by and adding my blog name to your list!

  4. I completely agree and that shot proves your point marvelously. Great capture!

  5. It’s lovely!!

  6. Beautiful photo! Wow!

  7. I love this photo! :D

  8. That’s a very interesting picture. You’re so right that it doesn’t have to be a pretty flower to make a great photo.

  9. That is quite the eye-capturing picture!
    You’re right, who says flowers are the only pretty thing in nature!? I personally thing everything in nature is stunning :)

  10. So true! I much prefer capturing the beauty that people don’t tend to notice over blaring, in your face, look at me beauty. :) Love this shot, Crissy. The light is just lovely.

  11. I do see the natural beauty, but looked for the spider. I really do not like spiders. Thanks for sharing:0)

  12. I love how you captured the twig in focus here. You’re right. It’s a beautiful photo of a not so beautiful subject. Well done!

  13. That is fascinating. That is something that I could stare at for a while and check out all the fine details.

  14. Great color saturation

  15. This is a hauntingly beautiful photo!

  16. Thanks for hosting. :-)

  17. You’re definitely right about that. Great photo. Thanks for the linky.

  18. I couldn’t agree more! This shot is beautiful. Thanks so much for linking to my WW!

  19. What a neat shot!

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